I passed this elderly woman on my way to a delivery a few houses from her house today. I saw her shoveling snow, I couldn’t believe none of her neighbors offered to help.
After I made my delivery I turned my truck around and I went and finished what she started. What you can’t see is that she had already shoveled the back driveway area. I approached her and offered to finish shoveling, she said, “You’re God sent. I appreciate you stopping and helping but you have deliveries to do.” I said the deliveries can wait, I’m gonna help you out. She refused to let me do it by myself, as you can see she continued to shovel. She said getting out keeps her young. I hope when I’m 81 (if I’m blessed to live that long) I’m as mobile as she is, she said the kids nowadays don’t want to make money shoveling snow and her neighbors stay to themselves. I told her, I got you and I refused to take a dime.
It was my pleasure, if you see someone who needs help ask them if you can help. This was on my heart and I had to help, her comment “You’re God sent” meant the world to me. 🙌🏾🙏🏾



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