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5 Sneaker Hacks to Cop Limited Sneakers Online!

it’s 2020 and the copping sneakers has been changing year after year. I wanted to put together 5 sneaker hacks to cop limited sneakers for you guys out there that may be new to sneakers, trying to get back in the game, or just need some new tips.

Please note- these are just tips and in no way shape or form guarantee you to cop, just gives you options to try and with enough attempts, some of the Ls will turn into Ws!

1 – Know what sites the sneakers are dropping/ also apps that have raffles for limited items
Usually if really limited, then sneaker will have a draw on the morning of (raffle)
adidas app You can enter for Yeezys on the app depending on the release
Yeezy Supply –
Travis Scott
Footlocker / Champs – have FLX program and raffle for in store pickup
SNS – has online raffles for many limited sneakers
END has online raffle for many limited sneakers also
has current market prices even before releases to get a gauge on the demand of the item you are copping, if you are trying to buy to flip
Supreme drops Thursdays 8am PST

Follow accounts that notify you when quick strikes and sneaker releases are happening.
a few I would mention are: Sneakershouts, KicksUnderCost, SoleLinks, Adidasalerts, J23app Sneakersteal, KicksDeals and I post also @heskicks or

2 – Password Manager can save you when there is a quick strike drop
How many times have you changed a password on say StockX or Paypal, but forgot to change it on other phone browsers like Safari, and the default is always WRONG… or you login to twitter on your phone and see a deal tweeted, but when you click it, it defaults to Safari and you have all prefilled info on chrome
Dashlane can help as it manages passwords for 1 place on ALL browsers, on ALL devices. Not only will it be convenient for you, it is safe.
random password generator Will also be helpful since let’s be honest since stock ex Was hacked, we need to all do better and not reuse the same password for everything anyways. With password restrictions on some sites versus others you have to use a character on some, numbers on others etc, pretty soon you have five versions of the same password that you tried to reuse over and over again but then you realize that the one that you have is not working lol
***You can get Dashlane for free on your first device by heading to

3- Auto Fill! Not only will Dashlane manage your passwords, you can manage your auto fill for your entries on Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Nike and more to enable FAST checkout.
I used to use auto fill from chrome, but the problem is on Yeezysupply I would get thru the splash on Firefox usually, and NOT have any prefill info, with DASHLANE however I can prefill on all browsers with same info.!

4- Private Browsers can help. Using private browser can be good Chrome, but sometimes chrome doesnt work! Sometimes you get the “TOO MANY DEVICES ATTEMPTED” error, and in this case you can try to use a VPN from Dashlane as well if you buy the premium account. otherwise just limited the amount of connections. and if you are trying to cop on multiple devices, at least use mobile NOT wifi on your mobile.

5 – Set up a few accounts and save all data. I use 3-5 accounts max, nothing crazy, but gives me extra chances from my wifes account, mom and dad/

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