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In this video i wanted to cover 5 out dated Nike cushioning technologies that dont fit into today’s day and age.

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Definition of failed to me would be doesn’t have longevity with the company, may not return in retro form, or returned in retro form and no one wanted them.

5 – Nike Lunarlon – One of my favorite Nike cushion technologies of all time, the Lunarlon look and feel is a bit dated in today’s day and age. Lunarlon is a dual density foam with a softer foam on your feet bound together by a harder carrier foam for added durability. This was revolutionary when it released in 2008, light weight and comfortable! I did have issues with some pairs having dead spots in midfoot, and they were squeaky with every step preventing me from wearing anymore.Todays needs are different since Nike React sort of replaced it, and React doesnt need a carrier foam to perform. Still, Lunarlon

4- Nike Joyride – yes, seriously. I know these just came out, and they are attractive to kids and the sensation on feet is actually pretty nice but I thing is, the design of these have a few pretty large flaws. the tiny pellets of foam encased in the midsole are not safe from water. Now you would have to submerge the shoes to have an issue, rain will not cause problems, but lets say you take a walk on the beach with these, and you accidentally get them submerged, the water will be trapped in the midsole and it can smell awful. The other major flaw is the risk of wearing these to the bouncy bones and having tiny bounce balls leaking out of your shoe, causing a potential environmental issue.

3- Nike Pump from 1989 – 91 No I didn’y say Reebok pump, I am talking about Nike, they fell into the wave and released 3 sneakers with a pump feature: Nike Air Pressure, Nike Air Command Force, Nike Air Force 180 Pump. Most notably David Robinson repped the Pumps along with a feature on the movie White Men Can’t Jump., but these did not have a long standing time on the court or in Nike’s tech back.

2- Nike Shox – from 2000 Get an athelete like Vince Carter to dunk over a 7 fter and you have yourself a bonified gimmick that worked. I loved Nike Shox, the R4s, Turbos, the BB Shox and even the trainers when the originally came out altho they were rumored to be recalled due to the water dissolveable upper.

1- Nike Air. This is that key moment when you the view either hates me now for mentioning this, or are in shock because your last pair of Nikes you bought were Nike Airs. Let me explain. I love Nike air, like way, way more than the average person, but lets face it, it is out dated. Even with new versions of Nike air like the 720 and 270 etc, Nike air is never used for performance from anyone that I know who is a short or long distance runner. Zoom air sneakers like the Pegasus, yes, but not Nike air in the more traditional sense. The nostalgia of Air Jordan line with and Air Max retros, Nike will continue to create the air unit and sell out in limited colorways each week, and if they removed the air unit then people would freak out including myself since they would not be true to the original. but for new models, it will be interesting to see what they try to do with the nike air lineage going forward after the 720 flop.



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