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Nike Air Jordan 1 – Through All the Years

Nike Air Jordan 1 is the most retroed sneaker ever in the world, and it has a special link with Michael Jordan’s career and personality.

In 1984, a lean shooting lookout from the Dean Smith-led UNC Tar Heels was special third general by the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Draft. The daring red and jet black was in unity with his surly bearing and mild arrogance, but it was a beguiling, boyish smirk that required the league’s collective protect down, departure it vulnerable to damage from any vantage intention. It was too recent by the time the league figured out who Michael Jordan genuinely was, and it rewarded greatly; six NBA Championships, ten stretch scoring titles in stuffed seasons, five MVP trophies, and shelves satiated of other trophies were conceded to one man who bent an unreasonable ordinary for NBA players both during his time and for the existence to come.

With him throughout the whole journey was Nike; after an assembly with organizer Phil Knight, Jordan united in and the sports-apparel brand designed a signature shoe that twisted league-broad disapproval from both Jordan’s on-patio peers and the NBA brass up top. “Wear it in a brave, and you’ll pay”, said the league, and pay they did. Five-thousand a fixture. “Who do you think you are? You’re not getting the ball” said his All-Star teammates. Michael answered back by live in every, All-Star Game for every full period he participated in. The Air Jordan 1 was the flawless shoe for the finish dissent; although Jordan himself did not like the first black and red colorway of the Air Jordan 1, as it reminded him of ‘the devil’, he defied league policy along with the laws of gravity and formed an unbreakable foundation for his own Legacy.

Sneaker News smugly presents ‘Michael Jordan Through The Years’, a chronicling of Michael Jordan’s memorable moments from the life and career of the man himself and his signature shoes, looking back at normal period games, All-Star Game appearances, championship-endearing nights, and Gold Medal contact. Starting things off are the Air Jordan 1, a shoe that debuted during Michael Jordan’s recruit year while making some notable appearances along the way. The 1985 NBA All-Star Game, the Dunk Contest, an appearance on David Letterman, the ’85 Playoffs, even during a 1998 amusement against the Knicks – the Air Jordan 1 saw its fair part of exposure and has come to be an icon in the sneaker world for a swarm of reasons. Continue reading for a complete corridor of MJ in the Air Jordan 1, and dwell tuned to Sneaker News for our new weekly Michael Jordan Through The Years mark.


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