Hey everyone! We’re super excited to announce this partnership with eBay. This 25 Year Anniversary project has been so fun to be part of and we’re so excited that the day is finally here. Click the link above to visit eBay to be part of the auction action! By owning one of the pieces being auctioned, you’re owning an artifact inspired by cultural forces over the past 25 years. eBay is THE leading destination to purchase your favorite sneakers. Let’s blow this auction out of the water!
Good luck to everyone!
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Welcome to the DCF YouTube channel! Our goal is to create a community around custom sneakers. We want to provide this community custom sneaker tutorials, sneaker photography tips and tricks, custom sneaker discussions, and overall providing a real value to fellow sneaker customizers. We hope by watching our videos, you’re able to learn something and improve!

– Dillon & Jason

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