Custom AIR FORCE 1’S with HYDRO Dipping! 🎨🌊

Looking for a Hydro Dip Air Force 1 Custom in 2020? Would you like to learn how to improve your sneaker Hydro Dipping skills as an artist? Whether your looking for a detailed video about Custom Air Force 1’s or just some Hydro Dipping entertainment, this very video has you covered. Hydro Dipping is a great way to add some flare to your custom Air force 1s. Watch as I transform these Nike Air Force 1’s into a very eye catching pair of custom sneakers in this Hydro Dipping Air Force 1’s video.

———-All Paint , Finisher , tape and brush’s

———-Angelus Black Paint

———-CCK Sole Sauce (Restore and unyellow your shoes the right way)

———-White Spray Paint / Primer

———-Red Spray Paint

———-Black Spray Paint

———-Black Gloves
This Custom Hydro Dipping Air Force 1 tutorial has been time stamped. You’ll learn how to do this sneaker custom by watching this video on how to Hydro dip for beginners.
Hydro Dipping Air Force 1’s (Click Timestamp To access That Section)

0:29 Hydro Dipping – Prepping the Air Force 1’s
1:26 Hydro Dipping – Painting Air Force 1’s
1:39 Hydro Dipping – Hydro dipping the air force 1’s in water
2:14 Hydro Dipping – Touch ups
2:45 Hydro Dipping – Finished Custom air force 1’s

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