XXL masthead uses big white block letters in sans serif font this typography is used throughout all their editions allowing their consumers to recognize their magazine , it is placed underneath a red solid rectangle; the masthead is placed at the top left hand corner for all of XXL magazine editions. I will use this convention and position my masthead at the top of my magazine, this is so my readers recognize my magazine on shelves, creating familiarity. XXL also have a catch phrase which is ‘HIP-HOP ON A HIGHER LEVEL’ it is placed either on top of the masthead or on the left hand side next to it vertically in small typography, however it is sometimes included. I will include a catch phrase on my magazine and place in on the left side vertically, this is so my readers associate it with my magazine. XXL place their selling line either at the bottom of their magazine, left side of their magazine, in the middle or even in the top right hand corner. I will use this convention of placing my selling line at the bottom of my page as it will engage my audience and give them information about the content that will be included. XXL use a conventional house style of black, white, red, yellow and blue. I will develop their house style and use red, black, white and blue as they are bright colours and will go with my main image which will catch my audiences attention. Also my typography will be sans serif, this is to represent my target audience, which will be a young demographic.

XXL use close up shots of their male artists, however they go challenge their own convention when it comes to their unique selling point; their yearly freshman class as they use a long shot and also include female artists on the cover. The shot type of my main front cover image I will develop and use a male model but instead of a conventional close up shot I will use a medium/medium close up shot. The main cover line is either placed on the bottom left hand corner or the center at the bottom of the page, I will develop this convention and place my main cover line on the right hand side. XXL’s cover line are either spaced out on the left hand side/right hand side or positioned on the top right hand corner. I will place my cover-lines both on the left/right hand side like XXL. XXL don’t use any boosts, I will challenge this convention and add a boost to my magazine but instead of a conventional CD, posters or free gift. My audience will receive a free download of an upcoming artists’ EP album, this will create synergy as the artist will promote their EP and magazine circulation will increase. The bar-code is either vertical or horizontal in the left/right hand corner, I will use this convention and place my bar-code in the left hand corner horizontally. XXL place their price and date on the barcode too or on the left hand side of the magazine in size 12 font, I will develop this convention and place the date and price of my magazine underneath the masthead so my readers can see it clearly.

XXL uses a uniquexxl contents pagese name for their contents page called ‘THE A-SIDE’ I want to create a name for my contents page, so my readers recognize it and associate it with my magazine. XXL uses only one sub-head and calls it features, I will develop this layout and add other subheads (FEATURES, ARTISTS, ALBUMS, POSTERS) so my readers can navigate my magazine easier. The magazine used a small caption on the bottom of the page giving credit to the photographer who took the main image. I will develop this convention and include it but also give credit to the stylist. XXL page numbers are the same for every issue the main cover story’s number is slightly bigger than the others suggesting it is the most important. The page number are all positioned on the left hand side followed by the title of the article, they are both in bold writing. I will use this in my magazine as it looks effective. XXL have their main front cover image on their contents page they place xxl contents pages 2a column either on the left or right hand side of the image. I will develop this layout for my contents page by adding more than one image. When XXL mention an artist/band they put it in bold typography, I will use this convention as it will grab my readers attention as they will recognize their names. However, XXL doesn’t add an annual subscription add in their magazine, I will use this convention in my magazine, to increase my circulation for my magazine; it will be placed in the bottom right hand corner.

XXL go against their own conventions at times for example on their double page spread they have used the traditional main image on one side of the page and content on the other; including a drop cap and lead/strand first. However they also change it up by having the lead/stand first on the side of the page rather than the underneath the headline, also instead of the main image on the one page they have it going across both pages. The artist/artists are either directly looking at the xxl dpsreader or looking away, creating enigma; my main image will create enigma by my artist looking at the reader. I will use the first layout but develop it slightly instead of having the masthead at the top of the page have it in the middle with the lead/stand first underneath it. The background for the double page spread is sometimes white and the typography is black sans serif; I will develop this convention and use white background on one page only and use sans serif font but in other colors then just black. The main headline sometimes is a quote directly from the artist, I will not include this. I will also use body text of font 12 and use columns to separate text out like XXL. XXL doesn’t use a kicker which is conventional in magazines, I will not use one as my readers should know what they are looking for. I also will not be using a pull quote in my double page spread, XXL sometimes uses one. XXL sometimes include a drop cap on their articles, I will include this convention as this is what my readers expect to be included in a magazine.