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What is your most UNCOMFORTABLE you ever wore? 100 Answers!
I reached out to you on twitter to ask, what is the most uncomfortable sneakers you ever wore, and I got over 140 answers! so in this video I compiled a list of the most uncomfortable sneakers you ever wore and broke them down into categories.

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Jordan 1 19
Chuck Taylor 17
Nike Foamposite 11
Vans 10
Nike Vapormax 8
Air Jordans 48
Air Max 1, 90, 95, 97 35
Vans / Chucks 27
Nike Basketball 18
adidas 12

Other noteworthy runner ups i Saw
Nike Shox
Stained Glass Dunks
HyperAdapt 1.0
Yeezy 350

We all have different definitions of what uncomfortable may be. Some prefer a firm experience under foot like a Chuck Taylor or Jordan 1, others like max cushioning like ultra boost or react. So I’ve had the privilege of trying on many different Sneakers and In this video I want to discuss my top five most uncomfortable Sneakers the last couple years.

Just please note that my definition of uncomfortable may not match your definition and some may be shocked to see some of these shoes on my list! Some of the sneakers just have an odd quirkiness to them that I was not able to deem as comfortable after an entire days wear. I also do have a odd foot that is a little bit wide and flat, so if you have a high arch and a narrow foot your experience will definitely be different than mine.

Now I want to just list off every Jordan retro and Nike air, Nike Air Force One, Nike dunk Sneaker as the most uncomfortable shoes but I think that it is common knowledge
I asked the question to you all on Twitter and this is what I got: https://twitter.com/Heskicks/status/1277669662394732544

these are not very comfortable sneakers in 2020, so I wanted to dive in a little bit deeper on more recent sneakers that I’ve tried that didn’t feel exceptional on feet

AM270 React – or as I call them the “CHUNKY CLUNLKYs” odd heel to toe transition for me. It was the best of both worlds for me but the delivery just wasn’t as comfortable as I expected.
Better option element react 87 or peg turbo

Nike JoyRide- I was excited to try this technology when I saw this being released but unfortunately it was a pair of sneakers that fell short. The placement of the beads underfoot in different pods just did not feel comfortable to me. Also as I reviewed these I realize that the shoes are not water resistant and the pellets can get water trapped. For a shoe that is based on comfort I just couldn’t do this shoe
Infinity react was a better choice

Asics GlideRide Not something for casual, also not something runners get used to either. It’s a very niche sneaker that doesn’t cross over
Novablast is a better option for me. But for the same price point the best choice is the 1080 V 10 NB imo.

adidas 4D Technology – heavy and firm underfoot looks futuristic but feels clunky on feet imo. Jordan and Nike retros and these have the common feel on feet but I from different generations of Sneaker footwear and technology. These are supposed to be A performance based sneaker but currently in my opinion fell short. Still think they look really dope on feet, which is why I have multiple pairs! And exactly why I have multiple pairs of Jordan retros and Airmax 90s etc. lol
Better option would be Ultraboost 20

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 – overall shape of these on feet are really uncomfortable. Love the tech, love the concept, even like the design look, but on feet, I just cant do it.

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