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5 reasons I chose a GMG Pellet Grill over a Traeger in 2017
Thicker Steele, more durable.
All in 1 Grill! Higher temp (500 to 800 w the Pizza attachment!) vs Treager 400, selling my weber
Wifi! Why Wifi? Set Grill Profiles, Program your meals
Meat Probe, w/ app monitoring
Traeger void warranty w other brands pellets

3 Years After Using GMG Green Mountain Grill Pellet Grill Pros & Cons!
video here!

I have had my GMG for a year now and have had a TON of fun smoking some meat on this thing! I wanted to review some of my pros / cons with you with my noob experience.
lets start out with the pros!
cooking size internally is a plus, large space! added rack helps cook more
The temp is spot on, never had issues with keeping a temp on the grill, and fire remains constant.
Buzzer when hopper is low is handy.
Once you know how to start it / turn off, its very easy.
Wifi version is nice! fun to be able to set temps on the fly, stop cooking Etc.
Can turn up the temp very high if needed.
Cooking book is really handy to get ideas and know internal temps of meats.
The smoked products have been amazing, I look forward to making my own meat for dinners / lunches, and great to entertain parties with!
fairly easy learning curve, youtube vids definitely help, like my first Tritip and brisket.
Having the cover is a nice plus, keeps the grill looking new and not weathered in my OR rain.
making meat then freezing the extras is a plus!
experimenting and trying new things is really easy.

While the Wifi version is nice, it is very confusing to set up, and to maintain.
Wifi only works if you are at the house, you cant adjust easily on the go.. it supposed to work, but often found connection issues.
Hot spots – my right side is definitely hotter than my left, could be my fault since I have the vents closed, but worth mentioning.
vent is nice option, but really its covered 99% of the time in foil for easier cleanup.
I have had the fire pit section over head a few times which made way too much smoke, i had to stop the grill and clear the pit and restart to fix. Could have been due to some pellets getting wet, again, user error.
We still kept our Weber Grill for quick hotdogs etc, since we are under time crunches when we make dinner, a gas grill is just ultimately faster, even if you can sear a steak on the GMG.
So last yr I gave reasons why i chose this unit over the Treager, and honestly, i love my GMG, I dont regret my choice at all, that said, if you got a Treager and you like for the same or difference reasons I like my GMG, leave a comment on why!
I look forward to making more stuff on my GMG, and and very happy with the product after 3 year.

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