Free Yeezy Zebra Giveaway!!

Head over to to pick up the Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner. Use promo code “youtube clean” for 15% off your next purchase.


How it works!

If we reach 275k Subscribes by April 30th we will giveaway a pair of Yeezy Zebra V2 in your size and if we don’t reach 275k we will giveaway a random color way Yeezy V2 in your size.
You must be subscribed to Reshoevn8r on youtube.
Go to and sign up by clicking the contest tab.

For more chances to win, every $10 spent before shipping when using the promo code “freeyeezy” at will get you 1 extra entry into the giveaway. For example if you spend $50 before shipping you will get 5 extra entries.


1. Yeezy Zebra V2 or Random V2 Colorway in your size. 3 Brush Combo, Reshoevn8r Insoles, Repellant and Sole Shields Already Applied
2. Sprayground Backpack, 3 Brush Combo, Repellant, Sole Shields, Deodorizer and a 16oz bottle of solution
3. $100 Been Had Those Gift Card, 3 Brush Combo, Wipes and Repellant
4. $100 Reup Sneaker Boutique Gift Card, 3 Brush Combo, Eraser and Repellant
5. Boost Box Pillow from Restock Chicago, Laundry Kit and Detergent
6. Boost Shoes Pillow from Restock Chicago, Laundry Kit and Detergent
7. BoostGod Teeshirt Sz Large, Deodorizer, Wipes, eraser and Repellant
8. Yeezy Pillow & 2 Pac socks from ruffneck, special edition wooden box 3 brush set
9. Vick Almighty Tee Shirt, Reshoevn8r Hat, 2 Shoe kit and Repellant
10. Moon Mission Rocket Boost Tee shirt, Repellant and Wipes
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