Unyellow and Restore yellowed 3000$ Yeezy soles!! Full Tutorial
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This Full Tutorial on how to unyellow and restore yellowed rubber on shoes has been time stamped, access the full YouTube description for time stamps and quickly navigate the various sections of this in-depth restoration tutorial. You’ll learn how to do this icy sole restoration by watching this in depth video tutorial for beginners on how to icy and restore the yellowed rubber on sneakers.
Best UV light for Indoor Icing Setup?

600 Watt Mars Hydro Led Light
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Budget Friendly Indoor Light?
300 Watt Mars Hydro Led Light
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Looking for an Icy sole restoration full tutorial for 2018? Would you like to learn how to improve your sneaker restoration and deoxidizing skills as a sneaker restorer? Whether your looking for a detailed shoe tutorial or you just like music and kicks , this very video has you covered.

Unyellow and Restore yellowed 3000$ Yeezy soles!! Full Tutorial (Click Timestamp To access That Section)

0.51 Sneaker restore – Material List
1.40 Sneaker restore – Applying the sole sauce to the rubber
3:20 Sneaker restore – Final product and icy sole results

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I am only taking orders for icing and unyellowing outsoles.
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The turnaround time is 2 – 3 weeks.
Please only email me for serious inquiries about getting your outsoles unyellowed. Make sure you attach detailed photos of the outsoles you want me to ice in your emails. (Otherwise, I will not reply)
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First Song – XXXtentacion – SMASH! ft. Pnb Rock
Second Song – Kanye West – Wouldn’t Leave

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