The DCF Experience (Our First Custom Sneaker Course)

Learn how to Quickly Transfer ANY Image onto your shoes with this simple technique. If you’ve ever wanted to create a stencil of an image without the use of a stencil cutter, give this method a try! Works on any material and any pair of shoes.

Tracing Paper!
Angelus Paint Supplies!…

Our Sneaker Stencils!
Contact Me!
➢ (773) 833-0388

Materials we use!

Table top Airbrush Booth
The Brushes we use
Airbrush of choice
Detail Sander
Sandpaper Pack
Preferred Tape
Scotch-Brite Pads
Krylon Matte Finish Spray


Welcome to the DCF YouTube channel! Our goal is to create a community around custom sneakers. We want to provide this community custom sneaker tutorials, sneaker photography tips and tricks, custom sneaker discussions, and overall providing a real value to fellow sneaker customizers. We hope by watching our videos, you’re able to learn something and improve!

– Dillon & Jason

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How To Make Your Shoes SHIMMER!

Our Sneaker Stencils! ➢ Angelus Paint Supplies! (dejesus321 for 10% off) ➢ Contact Me! ➢ ➢ (773) 833-0388 Materials

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