250k Free Yeezy Giveaway Winner announcement!!!

The moment you all have been waiting for is here. We are announcing the 10 winners from our 250k Subscribers Giveaway.

Winners will receive:

First Place
Random V2 Colorway in your size, 4oz-3 Brush Kit, Reshoevn8r Insoles, Repellant and Sole Shields already applied.

Second Place
Sprayground Backpack, 4oz-3 Brush Kit, Repellant, Sole Shields, Deodorizer and a 16oz bottle of solution.

Third Place
$100 Been Had Those Gift Card, 4oz-3 Brush Kit, Wipes and Repellant.

Fourth Place
$100 Re-Up Sneaker Boutique Gift Card, 4oz-3 Brush Kit, Eraser and Repellant.

Fifth Place
Boost Box Pillow from Restock Chicago, Laundry Kit and Detergent.

Sixth Place
Boost Shoes Pillow from Restock Chicago, Laundry Kit and Detergent.

Seventh Place
BoostGod Teeshirt Sz Large, Deodorizer, Wipes, eraser and Repellant.

Eighth Place
Yeezy Pillow & 2 Pack socks from ruffneck, special edition wooden box 3 brush set.

Ninth Place
Vick Almighty Tee Shirt, Reshoevn8r Hat, 2 Shoe kit and Repellant.

Tenth Place
Moon Mission Rocket Boost Tee shirt, Repellant and Wipes.

Head over to http://reshoevn8r.com/ to pick up the Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner. Use promo code “yt10” for 10% off your next purchase.





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